Terms of service


Since Smaris IT official licensed facility to provide programming and web design and creation of systems and application software, and e-marketing services and because of the desire to take advantage of its services as a client, two parties have agreed to what follows: – Smaris and Information Technology will be referred to (b Smaris) The client who wants to take advantage of any of the services or products Smaris or joint any of them will be referred to as the (client)

1. The intro is an integral part of the Terms of Service

2 – To provide the client with any request dealing with Smaris is approval from the tip to comply with all the conditions of service

3. Smaris amendment in the conditions of service shall have the right at any time without bear any responsibility and customer review the terms of service on a regular basis, as Smaris will seek to inform its customers in the event of any update.

4. Smaris maintain the confidentiality of all data about their clients and are provided only if requested by government agencies or international specialized.

General Requirements:

It is necessary requirements and are included in all of the following terms and conditions are as follows: – A customer is committed to using the services and products Smaris use does not violate Islamic law and does not violate the laws of Saudi Arabia and international laws for publishing on the Internet and does not violate the terms of Smaris and so on but not limited to:

1. Send an e-mail significantly to groups or random (Spam) or send threatening or inappropriate content messages messages.

2. authorship or copyright infringement or distribution of copies of unlicensed software.

3. sites that contain sections of songs or movies or sections to view pictures of women.

4. attempt to harm any other users on the Internet.

5. raise files or scripts to penetrate or spyware in any way.

6. defamation or libel Smaris or any of its employees and try to harm them or their reputation and retain Smaris in the right direction for legal entities, and instead, the customer can turn to the legal authorities.

7. attempt to damage the site Smaris or one of its affiliated sites or systems and software used to have, or its affiliates.

8. submission of a fictional character, or impersonate other personal data.

(A) If the client violate any of the previous points, except for the points (3.2) Smaris entitled to cancel the service immediately and without the slightest responsibility With no response any amounts.

At the event of a violation of the points (3.2) for 72 hours, the client grace to remove the violation and then only once and if you do not remove the violation or repeat the service is canceled with immediate effect and with failure to respond any amounts will retain Smaris backup to customer’s location for 7 days to deliver them.

(B) the customer fully responsible for what is published in the area legally.

(C) the customer fully responsible for maintaining his information and passwords for its positions and its own customers’ zone data and requests to add services and cancellation through the client area, and does not assume Smaris result of any negligence of the customer in this and in turn will respond always to the customer request to change the data.

(D) Smaris seeks to provide its services with the highest quality and the ratio of servers to the network and that more than 99.9% connectivity as well as safety and the constant internal and external backup sites their customers operations and so out of long experience and the confidence of its customers out, however, Smaris not offer any guarantees about their services, and the the client always take the necessary precautions from the backup sites has its own take.

(E) Smaris does not assume any liability for any interruptions in service or errors or damage to or loss of files or problematic beyond its control and in the event of it – God forbid – the only compensation is the customer compensation in the event of interruptions for only a period of similar duration of interruptions.

(F) Smaris provide customer service and technical support only to the problems that arise from servers Servers and Customer is responsible for any error arising from misuse of the site or any scripts or external software running on its location.

(G) Smaris entitled to an apology from providing any service either before or after the submission re-engage with the remaining amount to the customer from the period of his involvement.

(H) is not entitled to the customers re-sell any of the products and services Smaris only with official permission written Smaris.

(I) dealing with Smaris is only through its own customers and system through its own unified phone number and cross-headquartered Smaris not assume any responsibility to deal with customers any other way, as the customer can obtain proof of purchase products and services bill.

(Z) in the event of a change Smaris any of the plans of the previous client’s right of renewal in the same price at which the subscription was done in the same plan, except for servers, the plans of the client option to stay or move to a different server specifications.

Terms Shared Hosting Service: 1. Smaris committed to providing hosting characterized by high efficiency and maximum protection also undertakes to pursue the development of the service always for the better service.

2. shared hosting service is a shared hosting among several sites on the same server share server resources (memory – Processor ..) each according to his plan in the event exceeded any site resources or specific him space then he upgrade a larger plan or Jump surfer Default or special surfer.

3. It is prohibited to use the client Alastdavat unlimited non client files only plans as prohibiting their use as centers downloading files or audio-visual images also prohibits use to save copies buck father or extra space for storage instead of a hard drive and if None of the above are entitled to Smaris stop Account no customer is entitled to claim any rights.

4. All the plans by the number of allowable files its presence on the hosting and the customer must be committed to this issue and if they wanted to increase the number of files it higher.You can upgrade to a plan for the client to know how many files over to its control panel. In the event of increased data transfer rate (Traffic Bandwidth) from the ceiling, it is shutting down the site automatically until the beginning of next month, and the customer to make sure the size of the monthly user data transfer through its control panel, and in the case of your desire to increase it is not you, except contact us.

5. In the unlimited space is the amount of data transfer (Bandwidth) unlimited provided they do not use it violates the conditions relating to public space and Conditions.

6. To send e-mails through the site boundaries in the day and on time, according to each plan does not allow automatic override of the system.

7. Customers who have forums in their sites are responding to their requests than once to three times a week maximum order not to cause pressure on other customer sites.

8. Smaris is responsible for breakthroughs that are on sites that under hosted across sub-programs (forums – scripts) unless the client in the joint protection plans or technical support for integrated forums.

9. is not entitled to the customer installation programs have a negative impact on the server (Server) or any other sites, and the right to Smaris stop any program or service in the event of an interruption or disruption of this service is not common for compensation for downtime or holidays. Unless hang browse websites http protocol or the entire site.

10. The customer can at any time request an upgrade hosting its own plan with the payment between the current plan and the amount of difference following the plan for the rest of the period.

11. Smaris provide Allback up service daily and weekly and monthly internal and external customer can retrieve the puck in August asked if the need for it.

12. Smaris provide technical support to the host servers and service around the clock seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Design, programming and technical support conditions 1-based client to provide all the details and examples of design or programming that the customer wants and bear the costs of any details not mentioned Initially.

2-No customer is entitled to remove any special rights for Smaris been placed on a website or forum if we introduce any his service either design or programming or technical support in the case of the removal of rights will be dropping off design or script software free of charge on the Internet or stop technical support service for Forum .

3. The customer will pay half or full refund before starting the design or programming then completes amount after viewing the design it or programming it introduced in software projects and has the right to request a modification only in design service but not later than the amendment only 15% of the design as well as currently only the date of sending the amendment request a week from the date of design View In case the client does not complete the remaining amount by either design or programming during the two-week period of extreme maximum design expiration date or programming entitled to Smaris do sell the design or the complete software project is complete and dispose of it is not entitled to claim the amount of the first installment.

4. The design is based on the explanation provided by the client does not bear any amendments Smaris customer does not offered at the beginning of the application.

5-subscribers in the technical support and protection for forums Smaris Services is not responsible for any attempt to tamper or installation of additions or Mods in support period without reference to us.

6-subscribers in the protection services of the Forum, as it is commonly known that the basis of the protection of the site to take shape in the strength of the protection server hosted so Smaris not bear any breach caused by weakness in the protection of the server hosting the joint client with us Technical Support Service in the case of the client host in a non-servers Smaris We Smaris we will give All reports on the level of protection of the server to the client and we will arrange our responsibility to give the highest possible level of protection on the forum, God willing.

7-design or not or we Nbermj technical support sites, forums songs or movies. And any website or forum we supporting or management and issued him any violation of the terms will be alerted and warned him and then we’ll stop the service it is not entitled to claim any amounts paid. Track design, programming and technical support Conditions General Conditions

Terms marketing service commission

1. Smaris provides marketing service commission for some services and affiliate products and identifies Smaris amount of commission for each service or product, in the service page details required for the participation of the marketer in the service registration in our client area and access option marketing commission and subscribe to the service and will show your Palmsouk link as banners that will appear It can be used in the marketing process.

2. Smaris stop marketing service commission at any time with a commitment to deliver financial benefits to their owners or to enable them to replace one of the services or products Smaris entitled, according to the amount owed.

3. The commission calculates Smaris marketing only when the customer purchases for the first time and is calculated by the commission in the event of renewal.

4. not counted commission for the marketer, but to enter the client through your marketing link Palmsouk and registration and purchase the service or the product of this process and are automatically show the commission on the page marketer after the completion of the payment process for 31 days after the end of the customer a chance to recover its amount does not Smaris intervene in this process in any way, is not required to enter and buy directly the customer, but the system will retain it even if the customer has to buy after a period.

5. marketer is not entitled to claim any Smaris commission did not appear to him automatically as receivables in the marketing commission system and it is always if the customer does not enter through the link Palmsouk.

6. entitled to marketer’s request to withdraw his money after reaching the withdrawing limit mentioned in the service page details or take advantage of it to buy one of the products or services Smaris in the event of withdrawal limit did not arrive, and bears marketer of all expenses and fees for the conversion or commissions required by the delivery of the amount his process and be truncated of the amount due to him.

7. marketer can deploy its marketing link directly or by placing a link on the advertising banners can also publish marketer link in the forums or via e-mail or by any means regular.

8. In case of violation of the marketer none of the conditions of public and private Smaris Smaris it has the right to stop her own account fully with the full cancellation of benefits without the slightest responsibility.

Invoices, financial transactions

1. The only approved means to pay the amounts Smaris are the means mentioned in the payment methods page, Smaris not bear any responsibility towards any customer has to pay through other means.

2. The customer shall pay the value of services and products in advance of providing the service in the case of payment of bank checks from one bank to another bank or internal or external remittances it will not be of service adoption only after the arrival of the amount in full, is not entitled to the customer demand to activate the service before, Nor will be activated in the event of any service access amount imperfectly, either through internal transfers or international money orders and customer Add an extra amount of reserves will be added as an asset to him in his account in case the amount is higher than the value of the service or product.

3. With respect to hosting services Smaris seeks to provide service to the customer within 24 hours of the arrival of a maximum amount and with the exception of the official holiday of the Department of Accounting (Friday).

4. The customer shall pay the value of the regeneration of services before the end of the date of service of at least 24 hours, and Smaris bear the loss of domain or site stopped in case the client delayed for renewal after 48 hours, and will give Smaris lead time: 7 days for the customer to renew and will be shut Site and maintain a backup for another week on its servers and then it will delete the final version of the client is not entitled to claim any form.

5. Smaris seek to alert customers before the expiry of their services for at least 10 days, and the client must in the event of interruption or preoccupation that renews its site for a period beyond the period of his absence so as not to cancel its own site in the event of expiry does not assume Smaris any responsibility towards it.

6. The customer can add the amount credited to his account in the customer area in order to purchase any product or service without the need for a new payment process.

Refunding policy

Confident Smaris their services it is a request for the restoration of its amount in the only shared hosting services client can, within 25 days of making a payment with a note restore reason and will be re amount of the client with the deduction of any expenses or fees for converting if any, is not entitled to the customer restoration process the amount in the event of violating any of the terms of public and private Smaris in case of violation in the period as the possibility of recovery is not entitled to the restoration process after the expiry of the time any way.