About Service:

After internet has become accessible to all through personal computers and smartphones that became a unique trait for this technology era, searching for products and services on the internet using search engines -especially Google- has exceed thousands of times throughout the day that generates thousands of sales opportunities that stem from reaching the audience who is trying to get the service or product and looking for it by himself. In this case the audience has purchasing power and desire which make him very valuable audience.

Therefore, enterprises and companies always seek to reach the first page of search results on Google and Bing. The visibility and clicks opportunities are much larger on first page than other pages. Because 70% of search engine users do not give any attention for results that appears after the first page.

Hence the importance of using search engines optimization methods in SEO which are techniques that followed by specialists in digital marketing through search engines to push the site to be on search results first page.
SEO project may take several months to reach a good rank and feel its advantages that appear evident by doubling the number of visitors to the site and a noticed increase in demand for the product or service provided on website.

In Smaris

We analyze your site at the beginning, find out the current situation and monitor the most important competitors in the search results then we go ! We do keyword research to find out how your audience searching for your products and intervene to adjust texts on your website to become a text professionally integrated with keywords we agreed on. Then we’ll be working to fix you site programming issues and make sure that Google and Bing archive your site pages. We’ll create the site map as well as how we’re making wealthy backlinks to increase credibility for your site.

All this and more is in parallel with the commitment of our own to send full reports for number of visits and progress in the rank on a weekly and monthly basis so you’ll know what has been achieved and comparing the situation yesterday with the new situation in terms of the number of customers and the amount of revenue.