About Service:

After the visits or websites exceeded billions, competition has become intense among website owners to attract audience to other sites pages to get the biggest return is accessible via online presence.

Websites owners have used many ways in marketing but always paid advertising campaigns on Google Adwords is the most effective and fastest in results that can appear in a short time, unlike other online marketing methods that can be used to achieve long term objectives.

In Smaris:

We plan for your Adwords campaigns with its various kinds from beginning to see final results. When it comes to Google Adwords Search Networks, we identify target audience carefully and examine proper keywords for your field which your audience is looking for your products or services by them. Keep you at the forefront of sites on the first page of results. We write professional texts for your ads to attract attention and to monitor the performance to modify any point whenever it is necessary.

In Google Display Networks, we design banners for ads according to Google standards. We focus on the message and purpose of promotion during the campaign’s advertising. We clearly identify sites related to your field and have thousands of monthly visits. You also can choose specific to publish your ad on.

As for the YouTube ads, we advertise your videos on YouTube and Google partner sites so that you are guaranteed to reach your ad visible to thousands of views to achieve you desired popularity.

In all the previous types we let you choose devices that appear in advertisements, whether they appear on PC devices, smart phones and tablets, or both of them. and certainly we will monitor you your campaigns providing you all information about results in periodic reports we send weekly and monthly to see by yourself the performance of campaigns and be close to and aware of every detail.