The Service:

From its debut, social media attracted millions of internet users. They found it more interactive. It keeps them connected to all friends and family sharing their news, pictures and videos. For these reasons social media took a lot of attention and it still growing in audience. We can mention: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Because of that, companies started to use social networks to achieve its goals through them whatever was the field. They worked to strengthen the bond with their audience to make them reach the degree of loyalty. Social media a proper mean of communication that can be used instead of occupying phone lines and sending hundreds of emails to solve a problem or answer a query in a matter of minutes.

Companies are also using social media to promote their offers, publishing news, announce important notifications or upcoming events and other objectives. This makes social media an extremely important tool at work.

In Smaris:

Everything you need for your organization or company identity on social networks we have. We will design all the images you’ll need for your social appearance (profile and cover pictures) even the design of your post template that will make it unique and give her more credibility with your audience.

You can also hand over the helm to us to take responsibility for managing your accounts and process the content of your daily posts in accordance with the action plan involve you in monthly details and we have to be content varied between the textual content, images , info graphics and video-if available-up to win the admiration of your observers. We can also manage paid ads campaigns on social networks to promote pages or bring more of your target audience or focus on specific posts to draw attention to the content of special offers or important alerts.

We can also assign a social media specialist specially for you to follow up your social networks and update them with posts daily and collaborate with your employees to answer questions from fans and followers and suggest ideas that contribute to increased interaction and manage ads campaigns on those networks and provide you with important reports on a weekly or monthly basis.