About Service:

Since April 2014 Microsoft began producing smart phones after acquired the huge trade name “Nokia “to compete in this field with major manufacturers of mobile phones like Samsung and Apple.
Microsoft counted on Windows Mobile version as an operating system on its mobiles after it had been tested for months working on Lumia .Windows phone 8.1 has been released and last update was Windows 10.
Windows operating system has been spread widely because of its very user friendly, clarity and high speed comparing with other operating systems like Android especially on devices with low features. Microsoft has launched an app store for Windows phone applications. It also has a technical support from Microsoft which gives the audience continuous updates.
Thus, in order to cover all categories of smartphone users from the target audience , Companies sought to work on Windows phone apps and not lose sight of that so they don’t lose part of competitiveness and reside on different platforms and devices.

In Smaris:

We follow every new trend in the world of Smartphone apps development. So, we establish a team of experience specifically for this area including specialists in Windows apps development to serve different fields. whatever your business, we will provide you the ability to convert your system functions or services of your site and integrate them into Windows application in a simplified and harmonized way beside keeping your identity clear at the same time. We stay with you from the beginning analysis phase through to implementation and testing to help you to get to your ideal shape you would like to have your application and double your benefits either if the application was internal for your employees or it was for your clients.