About Service:

In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced iPhone to the world. iPhone sales exceeded 4 million the first year around the world to become the fastest sold smart phone. It uses an operating system called IOS which has been released so far in eight versions.

Despite the presence of a strong competitor to iPhone which is Android phones, the iPhone still has a strong presence and a huge audience spreading around the world. Perhaps the reason for the distinction of iPhone is the power of IOS which is characterized by stable performance, difficult to penetrate and preserving user data and privacy, as characterized by innovation in design system, user friendly and suitability for his lifestyle.

iPhone also has an online store for applications “Apple App Store” with about million of uploaded apps. Apple focuses on quality of the application and usefulness. It doesn’t accept if app didn’t comply with the standards set by Apple to ensure the highest added value from it and ensure its benefits for the user.

In Smaris:

We did not lose sight of the revolution in information and communication technology and iPhone devices that were part of what caused the increase in market demand for the production of applications for iPhone to various practical uses or enterprises and companies in different fields.

We head to provide IOS development service so as to provide solutions to the needs of our customers perform administrative tasks or do characteristics of the progress in achieving the websites or communicate and interact with the public on an ongoing basis.

We will integrate these activities in an IOS app specially made for the client and achieves his objective.

As it always goes, you will imagine your application, give us broad outlines and defines our goals before we take you to visualization and proceed in the production of application programming committed to what has been agreed upon and the delivery date, caring about the distinctive attributes of your brand in the colors and fonts used in the design application until it comes out on the optimum shape that satisfy you and makes us proud of your product and add it to our record.