About Service:

Google has created Android system to function as a operation system platform for Smartphones and tablets. Android has spread worldwide, it’s now on millions of devices and the number of users is growing at an increasing rate every year.

Because its user friendly Android has been used by many software producers to be the operating system for a variety of phones depending different in specifications and prices that fit all users, making android applications available to everyone.

After the widespread Android achieved, enterprises and companies started to use it in various fields entering it in the work to be reach several goals by using it like connecting with audience all time by being on their phones sending them latest news, notifications and offers to encourage them for more engagement. It’s also a good way to take their reviews about products or services.

In Smaris:

Our information technology market went to focus on Smartphones and apps that run Android applications share them, we realized the need to set up an elite team specializes in Android applications development to serve the needs of our customers in this field.

All you need is to define all the properties that you want in your application to start our analysis and offer you the full concept before proceeding to production and give it aesthetic touch in the design that we always reflect your brand with Visual explain the application offers the user to be clear and easy to use. In the end we carry application you on Google Apps Shop Play Store to be accessible to millions of visitors and if you want to market it then you can use our online marketing services. And if your application for a specific audience (company employees, students, school, University, etc.) we can do for you on your site to be available only to them.
We have already produced a variety of applications including: Easy Charger, Smaris CMS, Smart Guide.