About Service:

The present age is the golden age of e-commerce E-Commerce since flourished online purchases in various sites that sell products and services and open the door widely for E-Payment across multiple methods of payment to facilitate purchasing process for customer. E-Commerce now represents 15% in major powers economics and its volume increased this year in the Arab world to $ 15 billion.

One of the biggest risks to e-commerce is piracy and cybercrime which is to steal users’ data, including sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords, putting the whole process to a great danger!

Hence the importance of SSL security certificates have emerged which software applications are installed on the web pages to protect the exchange of sensitive information operations and is based on data encryption before being sent from the sender device and secured through the transmission process and then decoded at the transmitter device to not be breached communication and access to any data by any external party, which means fully ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

In Smaris:

Because of our commitment to provide the products and services that matter to our audience in Web. it was necessary to take care of SSL certificates for the protection of our clients websites.
We will learn more about your needs and characteristics of your site and offer you several types of SSL certificates that are suitable with you. We will make sure in the offer that the choices are multiple to let you choose in terms of benefits and budget.

Do not worry of the software requirements to install the certificate because we will be out on your behalf through a technical from our team. He will install the certificate and make sure that it works well.
It does not end by that! We give you full technical support service during all hours on working days if you need to communicate with us at any time. That makes us gain your satisfaction from the service.