Who we are

Smaris in brief:

Smaris is a Saudi company working in the field of information technology and serve its audience by providing online services and software solutions for individuals and companies through a professional team of experienced technicians in this field. We produce a variety of services and solutions covering various needs in any facility whatever its size, scope or specialization. We start with you from the beginning. We create your website and enhance it by latest developing technologies. After that we work on its marketing issue. Organize your relationships with your customers online, we even strength their relation with your firm using mobile applications. We keep supporting you technically and always giving our consulting which came from accumulated experience and years of hard work in IT & Web field.


Access the services of information technology in the Arab region to broader horizons than it are now and achieving the greatest benefit for Arab client when he enter this unlimited capabilities world for those who know well how to use it like us. We’ll help him to get more than the expected ROI from using the special tools of that virtual world.


Our vision is to become the ideal model, which counterpart companies seek in the field we will reach that by our quest to develop solutions that serve the various sectors, rediscover traditional methods and bring it in line with the progress that is happening every moment in web world and make our achievements grow rapidly in order to reach in a few years the top of ranking between IT & web companies in the Arab region.


1. Maximize the added value received by our customers when they use our products or services. 2. Striving to get the customer satisfaction by raising the quality of what we offer him and ongoing technical support during the service and unstoppable response to all his questions and inquiries. 3. A spirit of innovation and modernization doesn’t stop at a certain horizon. Our aspirations have no roof with an ambition to reach everything new in our field. 4. Adherence to Islamic values and Arabian traditions in all our work. Thus, we are keen to make our choice concordant with them not against.

Why Smaris

– Professional We know how to get to what we’re seeking for because we have the experience that qualifies us to do the most difficult tasks and technical code in a record time, so we don’t waste your efforts and your time you’ll have it all and it won’t exceed your financial plan. – Care to all details Look at the small details that may appear unnoticed, but these are important in our view to complete our projects. Therefore we attach them to our attention to make a perfect job without any deficiencies may be tainted by future – High quality with a reasonable cost it don’t end up with having what you aimed for in your project, but we provide you that with a fair cost which won’t exaggerated beyond your allocated budget. That because we want to mix between the outstanding quality of the work with the best price.